Funding On A Mortgage Home Loan With Best Realtor in Dallas, Texas

After Closing on the home loan the final stage in the Mortgage Loan Process is funding. The loan is officially completed when the title company confirms receipt that all money from all parties has been received for closing.


Most home loans close and fund on the same day. The major exception is if the loan is for a refinance on a primary homestead resident. A refinance on a primary home has a three-day recession period. See below for more details.

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Once the closing documents have been signed by all parties (i.e. you and the sellers), the title company sends the necessary documents to the lender’s Closers for funding authorization. Once the Closers review the signed docs and clear any funding conditions they will provide the title company with the “funding number” to access the money for funding. The title company will then receive the funds and provide the official notification to you that the loan has funded (and you’re now in a ton of debt).

The lender’s Closers order a wire the morning of closing so that the money is available for the title company. All title will need is a “funding number” emailed to them to access the funds. Funding typically occurs within a few hours after all parties sign the closing documents. If you are really impatient, you’re welcome to ask the title company to sign the “funding documents” first. This allows them to send those documents to us within the first fifteen minutes of closing so we can then issue funding authorization while you sign the rest of the “junk docs”.

Keys and Possession

We, the lender, are not privy to the details that involve taking possession of the home. Check with your Realtor to determine how (and when) you will gain access to the home. The following are typical methods for the transfer of keys:

  • The sellers may leave the keys at the title company and require that funding occurs before providing you with the keys. This means you either need to wait around for funding or go back to the title company to pick up the keys once it’s funded.
  • Your Realtor provides you the keys after funding occurs. Truthfully, the Realtor often provides the keys to a buyer at the closing table with the understanding that the buyer waits for the official funding before visiting the house.
  • Occasionally the sellers will instruct your Realtor to provide you with the key in the lock box after funding has occurred.

Ultimately you need to check with your Realtor to determine how the keys will be provided

Three Day Waiting Period For Refinances With Top Mortgage Lender in Dallas


For refinances on a primary home, the funding will occur on the fourth business day after closing due to a mandatory Three Day Right Of Recession. This recession period does not count Sundays or Federal holidays. For example: if a refinance on a primary home closes on a Thursday, the loan will fund the following Tuesday since Friday (day 1), Saturday (day 2), and Monday (day 3) are the rescission days.

Three Day Waiting Period For Refinances

There is a mandatory three day waiting period after closing before a refinance home loan can fund. These three days do not include Sundays or Federal holidays and are only applicable to refinances on primary homes. In other words, refinances on vacation homes and investment properties do not have this waiting period and fund the same day as closing.

This three day rescission period is to allow borrowers the time to ultimately determine if they want to finalize their loan and allow funding to happen. This is actually quite crazy when you think about the amount of time and effort that is spent to get to closing. To have someone actually go through the whole process and sign the loan documents at closing only to cancel the loan is nuts. Nonetheless it’s required.


1. If you close your refinance on a Monday then it will become official and fund on Friday (assuming you don’t cancel the loan during that waiting period and assuming there aren’t any holidays in between).

2. In the same manner, if you close your loan on Tuesday your loan won’t fund until the following Monday since the waiting period is Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – and funding don’t occur on the weekends.

3. If you close on Thursday then your loan will fund the following Tuesday since your three days are Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

4. Last example, let’s use the previous closing of Thursday but now assume that Labor Day is the next Monday. If that’s the case the loan will fund the following Wednesday because the waiting days are Friday, Saturday, (not Labor Day), and Tuesday.

After Closing

Once your loan has funded, be sure to check out our After Closing section to learn what you need to do in the next 30 days and at the beginning of next year.